Tax Services

Minimizing the impact of taxes on your profits is one of our most essential functions.  The tax laws are constantly changing as Congress uses the tax code for social engineering purposes.  Consequently one must keep abreast of developments in Washington and the State Capitol.  We do that for you and communicate that information through various means, including frequent articles on this website.

Some of the areas in which we can advise you include Preparation, Planning, and dealing with the government for:

  • Federal Income Taxes on Individuals.
  • State Income Taxes on Individuals (All States).
  • Federal Income Taxes of all business entities including Corporations, S Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships.
  • State Income Taxes on Corporations, S Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships.
  • Sales Tax Issues
  • Payroll Tax Issues

You can rest a little easier when you have consulted us on any of these areas before taking action, contact us today.